To Vaccine or not to Vaccine

So have you got your vaccine injection yet ? Anyone contacted you ? You know anyone that has received both jabs or at least one jab ?

It seems to me that the high level of noise that is circulating around about vaccines, is notable for the significant amount of misinformation that is accompanying that noise.

Now being someone who is coming from the older section of our society (and a rapidly growing one at that), I have a keen interest in how we, as a nation, are confronting the Covid-19 onslaught, as well as the options for getting us out of this pickle.

It seems pretty simple to me (and please tell me if I am being overly simplistic here).

1. This internationally circulating virus is a pretty nasty creature. Check out the worldometer corona virus infection and death toll stats if you dont believe me… they are found here.

2. Whilst it infects all age groups, the mortality is higher with older people or anyone with a pre-condition that will make things worse (like asthma or cancer etc).

3. A number of vaccines are flooding onto the market, developed by private pharmaceutical companies and sponsored by Governments.

4. Data is now overwhelmingly clear that receiving a vaccine diminishes your chance of dying or suffering serious health issues if you catch Covid. I understand it reduces your chances of getting it, and it certainly may save your life.

5. If you are vaccinated, your are less likely to catch Covid, die of it and also pass it onto someone who may be vulnerable to the virus’s worst effects.

6. Apparently some people are refusing to have the vaccine. Are these people rational ? Are they thinking straight ? do they care about anyone other than themselves ? So what is their reason for this…scared of needles ?

Frankly anyone who deliberately chooses to not get vaccinated and are happy to wander around endangering others, can get put on a boat, shipped to Somes island in the middle of Wellington harbour, and left there. I call them selfish b*stards.