So do you want to get angry?… do you want to get astounded and saddened? Do you want to feel ashamed?

Yes well I went through all those feelings as I discovered that there are over 4,000 children in our beloved Aotearoa who are growing up in motels across our country. No… they are not from large motel owning families… they are from folks who have nowhere to live and they live in a motel and they raise their young children there.

Well I guess it is marginally better than raising them under a bridge somewhere, or in a cardboard box by a park. But that is all it is.

It is frankly one of the saddest things I have heard in a while and as I drove along I had to pull over, much to the annoyance of the lunatic behind me, and I started to shout profanities of disgust.

Are you seriously thinking that every available house in this country is full and there are no empty ones ? Or is it that they are simply far too expensive for those motel dwellers to live in ? I fear it is the latter. So who controls the keys to those doors ?

Have a wee think about what is being created here, and how, in 20 or more years time, our society will pay the price for this situation, plus how the lives of those children who will be moulded, probably negatively, by this experience.

I now realise that I came from a lucky generation where even if “home ownership” wasn’t available for all, at least “home occupation” was.

That is not the case now, and we live in a society where the homeless are not only dressed in rags and huddled in shop doors, but they sit in little pink jackets on a parking lot kerb at a motel.