I discovered a new word today.

It is “Wexter“. Want to know what it is? Well if you read this far you probably do. It is a person who “walks and texts”. I actually wouldn’t call them a “person”. I prefer to use the term “idiot”.

I have been noticing these muppets more and more on busy pavements. They are the ones heading towards me, looking down at their phone, often with headphones on, and oblivious to anyone or anything in their path.

I thought I was the only one on the planet who found this disconcerting until I discovered an opinion piece online compliments of Kylie Lang writing in the Brisbane Courier Mail.

Kylie calls them “screen zombies” and apart from the growing international problem of these morons injuring themselves and others (and even causing fatal accidents), there is the issue of a serious reduction in social interaction by these people.

Because they are so engrossed in their smartphones, and use it for everything (apart from breathing and even that is questionable), the result is that they withdraw from human interaction because they see no need for it.

The example that Kylie uses is that these Wexters, if they are lost, now fail to stop a stranger and ask for directions (and partake in some human interaction in the process), but instead rely on their Google Maps application on their smart phone. In fact it can even be argued that they now subconsciously distrust other humans and prefer their phones instead. This is described as ‘relinquishing our humanness’.

 I also wonder what these Wexters are actually looking at on their phone that is more important than avoiding walking head first into a lamppost. Are they answering an email that is a matter of life or death? Are they reading a breaking news story about Donald Trump getting gall stones? Are they sending an urgent text message to their mum asking for lasagne for dinner? 

In this country we have made it an offence to drive and text at the same time, however everyday I see people doing both with gay abandon and no one seems to care.

In some countries they are considering making it an offence to text as you cross a road, but I question how this will be enforced? I am not a supporter of a gradual slide into a nanny state where everything is policed and free choice disappears, but at the same time we need to be protected from these morons and even stop them injuring themselves (although I am not so worried about that to be brutally honest).

Obviously if they are controlling half a ton of steel, travelling at 50 kms an hour, and are not bothering to look where it is going, and it is heading towards me I will get pretty upset, but if they want to walk head first into a lamp post, I will simply swerve out the way and use my phone to film them as they damage themselves. Now that’s a smarter use of a smart phone !