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“We are surrounded by stupidity and idiots. We can choose to ignore it or influence change. One way to bring about change is to expose it. As we get older we see these things a lot more clearly, we become less tolerant, we become “grumpy”. If we want anything to change and improve, saying nothing is no longer an option.” [Anonymous]

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The Grumpy Old Kiwi Man is BACK !

So there you were sitting down for your Christmas dinner on 25 December 2019, and can you HONESTLY tell me that you ever imagined, in your wildest dreams, that the world was going to change this much in the year or more afterwards?

No you didn’t (and if you say yes, well no one will believe you).

So I think it is about time that the Grumpy Old Kiwi Man got up and running again and started to look at all those amazing changes that surround us now. Some are good, some are plain bad, and some are simply insane. But the moment we stop talking about them, exposing them and challenging them…. then we allow them all to happen.

So…. enjoy, participate, challenge, disagree or support… but above all… don’t stay silent.


What the  Grumpy Old Kiwi Man website is all about.

As I got older, I started to get less tolerant of stupidity and idiots. It is not that I was looking for either of them, but I increasingly started to notice that they surrounded me in all aspects of my life.

I started to notice this on the streets, behind counters, in queues, car parks, supermarkets, in bars, restaurants, on the radio, television, and in fact every single place I found myself in. For a long time I thought it was me. I thought I was difficult, obstructive, impatient and lacking sensitivity.

Now I realise it isn’t actually me. In fact I hear the same sentiments from colleagues, work mates and even conversations I overhear in other places. I now know that the world is full of idiots, making stupid decisions that effect all the rest of us. What is also rather scary is that often these idiots are in positions of authority or power.

I could rave onto friends about stupidity and idiots but I needed to find another forum. The internet provides that forum so here we are.

I will be adding many of my thoughts and observations regularly but if you want to add them too, feel free. I really don’t feel that I am alone.

Daily Rants and Blog Posts

All content below is made without prejudice and is not intended to discredit any one person or persons on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, political or religious persuasion. If any comments or material offends in any way, a full categorical apology is hereby tendered and anyone so offended is invited to respond through the comments facility.

Protesting NZ Style

Protesting NZ Style

If you are outside New Zealand you may be unaware that we have a fairly large group of protesters camped on our Parliamentary grounds. They have been there for about 5 days now. Like many Kiwis, I remained pretty sceptical about the protester's motives and relied on...

So what was 20 years in Afghanistan all about?

So what was 20 years in Afghanistan all about?

There is a famous saying that goes "Those who choose to ignore history are doomed to repeat it". Never has that been more vividly exposed as the truth, than in the last two weeks in Afghanistan. The appalling sights of families clustering around barbed wire fences,...

Growing up in a motel

Growing up in a motel

So do you want to get angry?... do you want to get astounded and saddened? Do you want to feel ashamed? Yes well I went through all those feelings as I discovered that there are over 4,000 children in our beloved Aotearoa who are growing up in motels across our...

Rugby v Soccer and player dramatics

Rugby v Soccer and player dramatics

I have started watching the rugby World Cup and seen some pretty amazing games. I generally always try to catch a good high level (Premier League or German Bundesliga) football game and with the help of a work colleague I have secured a good free online streaming...

Silly Season

Silly Season

[A Grumpy Old Kiwi Man regular reader has offered their view on the visual pollution that we are subjected to with the avalanche of local body elections throughout the country] Jme57 writes: "Now it’s the silly season with all the wannabes going for a free payday as...

Bet you don’t know what a Wexter is?

Bet you don’t know what a Wexter is?

I discovered a new word today. It is "Wexter". Want to know what it is? Well if you read this far you probably do. It is a person who "walks and texts". I actually wouldn't call them a "person". I prefer to use the term "idiot". I have been noticing these muppets more...

Brain dead television featuring morons

Brain dead television featuring morons

Well it has taken me a few years to finally decide on the winner of the inaugural 'Grumpy Old Kiwi Man' award for 'mindless television programme featuring morons', but I can announce this year's winner..... It is the eagerly anticipated series of Married at First...

Rants from visitors to the website

‘Daggy’ sent through a view on Councils and Back Yards.

‘The homeless crisis should not mean caging people in high rise cages. We should all have the potential to grow a small plot of food and have a clothes line’

I can’t be the only one around who has things they want to say? Maybe you wander round the house mumbling them to yourself? Maybe these ideas and thoughts are going through your head as you are out and about?

Well if they are and you want to put them up here for others to read, then send them through to me.

Try to keep them around 300 words and adhere to normal rules that I include in my heading further up.

Looking forward to hearing from you !

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